41° Vogalonga

The 24 Maggio tutti a Venezia per la 41 Vogalonga!!!

Dear Friends,

In recent weeks, the Committee Vogalonga was in close contact with the City of Venice to solve the most of the questions raised about Ordinance that restricts the movement of certain types of rowing boats along the canals of the historic center.

We have received assurances about the fact that, to meet the desires of rowers, will be made any changes to the initial project consistent with the problems of water traffic and we are confident that everything will be resolved in the best. Unfortunately, because of this unexpected that has absorbed many of our forces, we are now in arrears with the launch of the inscriptions, we ask you to wait another few days, you will find them on line just after Easter!

The municipal government has also assured that the 41 ° Vogalonga will take place as all other years, open to all lovers of Venice and its lagoon!

On May 24th, all in Venice for the 41° Vogalonga!

Dear Friends,

During last weeks there were a lot of meetings between the Comitato Vogalonga and the Comune di Venezia to solve problems regarding the new ordinance that limits the circulation of some kind of rowing boats along the most congested canals of the city centre.

In few days we’ll see the results, and we are quite sure there will be good notices for all rowers.
These efforts have absorbed all our forces and caused a slip on the opening of the enrolments that will be on line immediately after Easter, please be patient a little bit more!

At present we can, at least, confirm that the 41th edition of the Vogalonga will be hold in the same way it always has been, open to all the passionate of Venice and it’s lagoon.

The 24 May everyone in Venice for 41 ° Vogalonga!

Dear Friends,

During the last weeks we have been completely absorbed by the Comitato dating from Vogalonga and Comune di Venezia to try to solve the most problems arising due to Ordinance communal concertante limitation to traffic, for certain types of rowing boats, along a number of channels in town, most interested in traffic.

We expect the changes to the first project, we hope, you will enjoy. However, these efforts have completely absorbed us and caused the delay in the opening of registration, but everything will be ready, and put on the site just after Easter, Please be patient for a few days please!

For the moment we can assure you that the Vogalonga 41ièmme will stand as all past editions, open to all lover of Venice and its lagoon!