All crews should note that traffic is to be suspended in Bacino S.Marco from 8.15 -9.30 right up until all boats participating in the race have completed the course. Therefore, to ensure the safety of participants, all vessels are requested not to stop in navigable canals outside these times.


The 44th Vogalonga is scheduled to start at 9am: after the customary ‘lifting-of-the-oars’ salute, a cannon shot will signal the start of the race. Around 8.30 am all boats are required to assemble in the Giudecca Canal grouped behind Punta della Dogana following instructions given by the Technical Commissioners. First, the fastest crafts will be asked to get in line, starting with rowing class boats, followed later by slower boats that carry fewer oarsmen.

Posizionamento imbarcazioni alla partenzaPositioning of the boats at departure

Dangerous spots

As can be seen in the map below, there are some very narrow channels (Vignole, S. Erasmo, Mazzorbo, Tre Archi) where you will need to slow down and line up in an orderly fashion. Please stay inside navigable canals to prevent damage to vessels.

punti critici e ristoroDangerous spots and Refreshment stands shown

Canale di Cannaregio

We recommend that you try to get to the entrance of Canale di Cannaregio in good time to avoid being held up under Tre Archi Bridge. Allow room for rowing sculls (Yole) which may need a little more space. Participants in a punt are also requested to ensure that their crafts are furnished with suitable equipment (oars) for steering through the narrower canals.


Avoid crowding round the jetty: move towards the middle of the canal. You will need to slow down before you reach the finish (crossing the line is pointless-- this is a non-competitive event). Free up the pontoon as quickly as possible so that participants can be awarded their certificates of attendance.


Keep to one side while rowing back into the Gran Canal.

Refreshment stands

An official refreshment stand will be located at the entrance to Mazzorbo Canal and after the finish line; other stands (to be decided) will also be added.


Police boats and those offering help to vessels in need of assistance will be stationed along the course; all these vessels will be in contact via radio. You can call the Organising Committee (who are in contact with the Emergency Medical Services) on the following emergency number +39 338 7011864

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Le imbarcazioni possono essere messe in acqua presso lo scalo fluviale del Tronchetto dove sarà possibile richiedere l’utilizzo delle gru al personale della cooperativa (a pagamento). Saranno posizionati 2 pontili da 12 metri cadauno per facilitare le operazioni di alaggio e varo.

scalo fluviale


Sarà posizionata una passerella per accedere ai pontili della darsena posta direttamente dal parcheggio all'aperto nell'isola Nuova del Tronchetto.

darsena isola nuova

Presso il Centro Nautico San Giuliano sarà possibile richiedere l’ausilio delle varie società presenti per effettuare le operazioni di alaggio e varo.

polo nautico san giuliano

polo nautico

The Registration Office for the 44th Vogalonga 2018 is situated at the Pescheria Vecchia di Rialto – San Polo 342.
Registration Dates: May 7th - May 17th
Office Opening Hours: Monday– Saturday; 9.30– 12.00 am.
On Friday, 18 May and Saturday, 19 May the office will stay open until 6pm to allow for collection of kit and completion of prior registrations.

sede iscrizioni pescheria

sede iscrizioni pescheria 3d