When will the registrations open?2020-01-30T14:06:16+01:00

The 46° Vogalonga registrations will open in 2020 on our website. At the moment we don’t have any official date.

How can I register?2020-01-30T14:15:06+01:00

Read the instructions for the Vogalonga registration: http://www.vogalonga.com/fr/inscription/

How much is the registration fee?2019-11-22T13:44:11+01:00

At the moment we cannot confirm the registration fee of 2020 edition. The previous edition fee was €22 for each person on board.

Which are the necessary data for the registration?2020-01-31T11:53:55+01:00

Under review

I didn’t receive an email for the confirmation of my registration…2019-11-22T13:44:28+01:00

Please check also in your spam folder before contacting us.
If you chose the bank transfer as payment and you sent us the receipt, don’t worry: it could take few days before your registration is confirmed.

Entering rower names2020-01-31T11:56:30+01:00

Under review

Collection of Vogalonga kit2020-01-31T12:05:10+01:00

Under review

Is it possible to rent a boat?2019-11-22T13:44:53+01:00

For the boat rental we suggest you to contact rower associations: http://www.vogalonga.com/en/links/

Storage for small crafts2019-11-22T13:45:01+01:00

Small boats can be left overnight from Saturday to Sunday at the Pescheria Vecchia di Rialto (underneath the Registration Office). Overnight surveillance is guaranteed after 6pm.

Big boats mooring2019-11-22T13:45:10+01:00

We suggest you to contact rowing associations for the boats mooring: http://www.vogalonga.com/en/links/

Boat slip and launch2019-11-22T13:45:17+01:00

You can put your boat in the water to the Scalo Fluviale at Tronchetto, where you can also require the use of cranes (paid service) to the cooperative staff. Two pontoon of 12 meters will be placed to make the boats slip and launch operations easier.

A catwalk will be placed in order to access to the wet dock pontoons, directly situated from the parking at Isola Nuova del Tronchetto.

Around the Centro Nautico San Giuliano you can require the various societies assistance to carry out the boats slip and launch.

Where can we park cars and trailers?2019-11-22T13:45:32+01:00

We apologize, but we don’t handle cars and trailers. We suggest you to ask information to the Venice main parking.

What kind of accommodation is available?2019-11-22T13:45:41+01:00

Unfortunately the Vogalonga organization don’t handle accommodations. You can choose the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Is it possible to add or remove a boat?2020-01-31T12:43:57+01:00

Sure! You can fill out the Contact Form including the name of the person who did the registration and the receipt number (VL00000).

Is it possible to add or remove a rower?2020-01-31T12:43:44+01:00

Sure! You can fill out the Contact Form including the name of the person who did the registration and the receipt number (VL00000).

Is it possible to change the crew members along the way?2019-11-22T13:46:14+01:00

Sure! However, the Vogalonga materials (posters, t-shirts and medals) will be given according to the number of fees paid.

Is it possible to left the manifestation in advance?2019-11-22T13:46:23+01:00

The Vogalonga isn’t a competitive race: you can leave the manifestation at any time. However, medals and certificates will be given of those who will reach the finish line.

Is the medical certificate required?2019-11-22T13:46:31+01:00

The Vogalonga isn’t an agonistic manifestation: the medical certificate is not required.

Dress policy2019-11-22T13:46:41+01:00

There are no rules about clothes, for this edition. Is it therefore possible to wear promotional t-shirts.

Suspension of water bus service2019-11-22T13:46:50+01:00

Usually the water bus service stops from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. However, we suggest you to check the ACTV website for more information, some days before the event: http://actv.avmspa.it/en/news

Adverse weather conditions2019-11-22T13:47:10+01:00

In adverse weather conditions the Organizing Committee affirm that certificates of attendance will be awarded to all crews including those who run into trouble and so may decide to complete a shorter course. Throughout the Vogalonga a restrictive order banning the circulation of water traffic will be implemented and assistance will be offered along the prescribed course of the event.
Should you need to contact us, the Organizing Committee will be available on the following number: +39 338 7011864

Canale di Cannaregio2020-01-27T12:05:09+01:00

Buoys to regulate the stream of boats will be placed at the entrance to Rio di Cannaregio. Signs warning of any obstacles in the canal will also be posted there and on board a boat. We request that all crews follow the instructions of the voluntary staff managing the flow of traffic in order to prevent congestion and overcrowding.
We would also like to remind you that this is a non-competitive event.

Buoys placed ahead of Ponte dei Tre Archi will guide the crafts under the central arch of the bridge.

Allow room for rowing sculls (Yole) which may need a little more space. Participants in a punt are also requested to ensure that their crafts are furnished with suitable equipment (oars) for steering through the narrower canals.


Keep to one side while rowing back into the Gran Canal.


Police boats and those offering help to vessels in need of assistance will be stationed along the course; all these vessels will be in contact via radio. You can call the Organising Committee (who are in contact with the Emergency Medical Services) on the following emergency number +39 338 7011864