Dear friends,

given the ongoing health emergency, the organizing committee of the Vogalonga has decided to suspend the event scheduled for May 31st.

At this time when there are many suffering people and everyone’s attention and efforts must be aimed at countering the spread of the epidemic, we preferred to choose in advance, without waiting for the new decisions that may be taken by the Authorities in the next period.

We believe that the protection of the health of all the people who would have been involved has the priority and because in any case the festive spirit that has always accompanied Vogalonga would have been missing.

In the uncertain situation of when everything will return to normal, which of course we hope will be as soon as possible, we do not feel like making any predictions on the possibility of recovering it after the summer. If we can find a date with the competent authorities, we will be happy to communicate it in time.

A big hug and high the oars, waiting to find ourselves together on the waters of Venice.