Regulations for the 45th Vogalonga 2019

The 45th Vogalonga regatta, a non-competitive recreational sporting event for amateur athletes, will take place on 09th June 2019 along a 30km course through Venice lagoon. The event is subject to the following terms and conditions.


Any person over the age of 16 can register for the event. Minors under the age of 16 can join the race as long as they are accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility.


Rowing boats of any weight and size can take part in the race. There is also no limit in the number of rowers in a craft.


Starting from this edition registration will be possible only from the website:
Registration opens on Wednesday, May 01st and finally closes on Thursday, June 06th.
The Organising Committee reserves the right to close registration once the set maximum number of participants (approx. 8000) or 2000 crafts has been reached.
Registration Fee: € 22.00 per person on-board a boat.
Payment may be made by PayPal or bank transfer to Comitato Organizzatore Vogalonga S.Marco 951- 30124 Venezia. The registration fees can also be paid online via credit card on the website.

Comitato Organizzatore Vogalonga
IBAN: IT 11 X 02008 02004 000105511537

Registration via internet will only be considered valid if proof of payment of the registration fee is included.
Registration by mail or fax will not be accepted.
Vogalonga Office times: from Wednesday 29th May to Thursday 06th June (except Sunday 02nd June) from 9.30 am to 12.30 am. On Friday, 07th June and Saturday, 08th June the office will stay open until 6 pm.
The Vogalonga Office is situated at the Pescheria Vecchia di Rialto, San Polo 342 (tel. +39 338 7011864).


The “45th Vogalonga 2019” regatta is scheduled to start at 9am: after the customary ‘lifting-of-the-oars’ salute, a cannon shot will signal the start of the race. Around 8.30 am all boats are required to assemble in the Giudecca Canal grouped behind Punta della Dogana following instructions given by the Technical Commissioners. First, the fastest crafts will be asked to get in line, starting with rowing class boats, followed later by slower boats that carry fewer oarsmen.


The Vogalonga course will be as follows: Bacino San Marco, canale delle Navi, canale della Bissa, canale Passaora, canale Crevan, Burano, Mazzorbo, canale S. Giacomo, canale Scomenzera, canale Bisatto, Murano, canale di Tessera, rio di Cannaregio, Canal Grande, Rialto, Punta della Salute.

The Finish

The finishing line of “45th VOGALONGA 2019” is at the end of Canal Grande, on a level with the Basilica della Salute. Medals and certificates of attendance will be distributed there from the pontoons set up for the purpose. As soon as a boat has received its award, it must stay clear of the area so that other crews can reach the pontoon.

Entry number

At registration crews will be allocated an entry number for each craft. A bib displaying this number should be worn by the rower in the bow or in another visible position to allow for checks along the course and for the identification of crew members at the finish.

Participation Awards

The Vogalonga is a non-competitive event and as such it does not have performance rankings at the finishing line. Each rower who crosses the finishing line will be issued a participation certificate and a medal to commemorate the event. The organisers agree to put in a raffle any boats or other prizes offered by public bodies or private institutions; these prizes, offered only to participants who complete the course, will be obtained by means of a prize draw to be held by the end of October. In order to claim a prize, participants must show the numbered slip which is attached to a duplicate copy of the registration form.

Rules and Checks

Crews should not encroach on the proper course of other crafts, ‘interfere’ with other crews’ oars or commit any act to the detriment of other participants. It is also strictly forbidden for crafts to leave the waters of the fixed course conspicuously marked by signs set out by the Organising Committee. Checks will be carried out along the course in Burano and Rio di Cannereggio.

Conduct and Disciplinary Measures

Right from registration the sportsmanship of participants is under close scrutiny by the Organising Committee of the Vogalonga regatta: their decision is final, and, in the case of misconduct, penalties may be imposed. Crews and crafts that display advertising slogans or signs will also be excluded from the prize draw. Finally, punters should ensure that their crafts are furnished with suitable equipment (oars) for steering through narrower passages.

Accidents and Assistance

The Organising Committee declines all responsibility for accidents that happen to participants or are caused by participants to other people or items during the course of the event. Crews and crafts can count on support services during the event until 3pm.
The Organising Committee further reserves the right to make any changes to the regulations herein should it deem them to be necessary.
By registering for the event, participants permit the use of their personal information and also the personal information about their crew members by the Organising Committee in accordance with ex. Art. 23 D.LGS. n 196/03 and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 “GDPR”. All participants further declare that they have read and accept the regulations and that they are physically and mentally fit for the event.

Vogalonga Office 2019

Pescheria Vecchia di Rialto – San Polo, 342 – Phone +39 338 7011864

Comitato Organizzatore Vogalonga

San Marco 951 – 30124 Venice Italy
phone +39 041 5210544 – fax +39 041 5200771 – –